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Our Expertise

We assist individuals and organisations operating in remote or resource-poor settings. Our expertise is in health, safety and logistics.


We understand how location changes everything with regards to health. When you're in remote or resource-poor places proactively managing health is essential, and that management must be appropriate for the local risks and resources. 


We have a team of experts in infectious diseases, travel medicine, occupational and workplace health, expedition medicine, rescue and behaviour change who can assess your needs, design programmes and give advice specifically tailored to your locations.


  • Medical risk assessment, planning, education and support for remote workers

  • Workplace wellness programmes for resource-poor locations

  • Infectious disease control programmes

  • Expedition medicine



A remote or inhospitable location is very different to any other kind of workplace, and safe practices become more critical, but sometimes also harder to actually achieve.


Our consultants have first hand experience of working in some of the most challenging locations in the world - including jungle, arctic, desert, mountain and ocean on every continent - and can assist you to minimise your risk and plan for every eventuality.


  • Risk assessment

  • Operating procedures and safe working practices

  • Training plans and delivery

  • Emergency response planning

  • Operational support

  • Audit against standards

  • Incident investigation



Logistics in remote locations is a speciality in itself. Our consultants have moved whole camps from West to Central Africa, delivered all terrain vehicles to Mongolia and managed fleets of vehicles in deserts on two continents.


  • Camp management

  • Equipment moves

  • Vehicle managment

  • Special projects

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