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Our Services




We carry out bespoke research tasks across our specialist areas of health, safety and logistics in remote and resource-poor settings. 


Our consultants will work with you to define the question, ensuring you get exactly the information you need.


Research activities include:


  • Cross-industry benchmarking exercises

  • Formative research, including surveys, key informant interviews and focus groups

  • Literature searches; collating guidelines

Remote Worker Support

Comprehensive support services for people working in remote locations. Including:


  • Pre-travel medical screening

  • Risk management including risk assessment, emergency response planning and medical facility inspections

  • 24-hour medical support from specialist doctors

  • Full operational support including call-ins, movement logs, GPS tracking, messaging, emergency backup, corporate and emergency services liaison

  • Medical bags with first aid equipment and prescription and non-prescription drug packs


Our consultancy is driven by a desire to produce high quality, fit-for-purpose answers for our clients. We will always find practical solutions that align to your operational and budgetary requirements. 


We build in sustainability by always working with our clients to design solutions that are owned and maintained by them. Although we end up writing ourselves out of the solution, we are always there to help and advise, and have long-term relationships with many of our clients.

Remote Traveller Support


We offer a new, affordable support service for travellers to remote areas. Every traveller's requirements are unique so our services are modular, allowing you to pick the elements you leave and leave the excess behind. From the lightest touch to a full ops room, we can provide the right service for you and your budget.


  • Pre-travel medical screening and advice

  • Pre-travel emergency plans

  • Virtual expedition doctor

  • Ops room backup

  • Medical bags

Embedded Staff

We provide wilderness-specialist medical technicians and doctors, safety experts, logisticians and technical specialists for teams in remote areas. If you need a medic in Nepal, a rope access specialist in Brazil or an electrician in Zambia, we can help you.


We have provided experts for a single day, or to embed full time within the client's team for a year or more.

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