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Research and consultancy

Our research and consultancy covers all of our specialist areas of health, safety and logistics, and is driven by a desire to produce high quality, fit-for-purpose answers for our clients. Our operational experience means that we always find pertinent answers and practical solutions, and we will help you to implement programmes or policies that are right for you and your organisation.


We aid you to build capacity as we go along, providing training and guidance and allowing you to maintain ownership and control. If you end up running the programme yourself - and we provide help and advice as you need it - we've been successful.


We work with businesses, NGOs, educators and individuals. We work in two main ways:


  • On stand-alone projects

    • With a defined question or need


  • Through ongoing contracts to provide support on a long-term basis

    • So that we are available by phone or email at any time for advice

    • So that tasks can be completed very quickly with minimal warning or lead-in time

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