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Example projects


  • Translating a corporate wellness programme so that it is culturally appropriate, effective and sustainable for rotational and local staff in resource-poor countries.

  • Defining the risk of snake bite in remote areas of Democratic Republic of Congo, the species of snake responsible, appropriate precautions and emergency response procedures.

  • Designing a modular first aid kit system to provide maximum flexibility for minimum bulk and cost for different remote field operations.



  • Creating a field safety framework, including training and audit, for a multinational oil company.

  • Working with a corporate learning operations team to manage the enrolement and field safety awareness process for attendees of field-based learning activities.

  • Pre-trip safety research (risk assessment, emergency response planning, participant briefing) for a consortium field trip to Namibia involving multiple corporations.



  • Arranging the movement of a whole drill camp from West Africa to Central Africa.

  • Selecting and delivering All Terrain Vehicles to Mongolia.

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